Facility Manager

This is the person in charge of coordinating all services and facilities to ensure their proper functioning, prevent risks and promote continuous improvement.

He provides individualized and specialized solutions aligned with the needs of our clients, offering quality service at the forefront in terms of sustainability, innovation, efficiency and social responsibility.

24h Maintenance and Security

The maintenance staff, active 24/7, has the ability and experience to solve as quickly as possible any incidents that may arise for our customers.

Security and privacy as a brand synonym.

For LaFinca, security is a capital value, so all our buildings have a 24-hour surveillance service, 365 days a year.

Access Control

We have systems of access control both for people to the main lobbies of the buildings, and for vehicles to the parking areas by means of barriers.

Citypaq or parcel service

We offer Citypaq service, with which parcels may be sent and received whenever necessary, at self-service lockers.

Shuttle Services

At LaFinca Business Park we have a shuttle service from strategic areas of Madrid available to companies on request.

Pet Friendly

Our spaces are Pet Friendly; you no longer have to leave your best friend at home.

Parking Services

The car parks in LAFINCA buildings have: 

  • Parking for visitors.
  • Bicycle spaces.
  • Charging points for electric vehicles.

LAFINCA Architecture & Design

Multidisciplinary team made up mainly by architects of LaFinca Architecture & Design with a trajectory of more than two decades. We are specialists in creating exceptional and sustainable environments, at the forefront of new technologies and we offer everything necessary for project customization and office interior design.

Other Services

  • Cleaning of common areas.
  • Loading and unloading area.